Friday, December 10, 2010

Howard's End - E. M. Forster

Howard's End is a house. (£0.70 UK edition) (Deutsch edition) You learn that on the first page.  

The book is about the house, but it is more about the personalities who inhabit the house and their ambition - in some cases the ambition to do good.

"He says the most horrid things about woman's suffrage so nicely, and when I said I believed in equality he just folded his arms and gave me such a setting down as I've never had. Meg, shall we ever learn to talk less? I never felt so ashamed of myself in my life. I couldn't point to a time when men had been equal, nor even to a time when the wish to be equal had made them happier in other ways. I couldn't say a word. I had just picked up the notion that equality is good from some book--probably from poetry, or you. Anyhow, it's been knocked into pieces, and, like all people who are really strong, Mr. Wilcox did it without hurting me."

"Howard's End," which I have read a couple of times and which is my favorite of Forster's several good books, is very cynical and very true to life. The realism is why the book still reads well today.

The 1992 movie by Merchant Ivory starred Emma Thompson, Vanessa Redgrave, Anthony Hopkins and Helena Bonham Carter.

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