Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Secret Garden - by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Have any men read The Secret Garden? (£1.89 UK edition)  (EUR 0,99 Deutsch edition) I would be very impressed if a man told me he was reading this beloved book.

Did any women not read this as a child?  Here is your chance to once again -or perhaps for the first time-  visit a world where secret gardens may be restored and made to grow more than flowers. 

But before we visit the garden, we make a stop in India under the British Raj.

"Is it so very bad? Oh, is it?" Mary heard her say.

"Awfully," the young man answered in a trembling voice. "Awfully, Mrs. Lennox. You ought to have gone to the hills two weeks ago."

The Mem Sahib wrung her hands.

"Oh, I know I ought!" she cried. "I only stayed to go to that silly dinner party. What a fool I was!"

At that very moment such a loud sound of wailing broke out from the servants' quarters that she clutched the young man's arm, and Mary stood shivering from head to foot. The wailing grew wilder and wilder. "What is it? What is it?" Mrs. Lennox gasped.

"Some one has died," answered the boy officer. "You did not say it had broken out among your servants."
 The book has a chapter index with links.  Here is an Amazon review:

I hadn't read The Secret Garden since I was a kid. I'm so glad I found it on Kindle and read it again as an adult! What a wonderful story! And as a free Kindle book, it's hard to pass up!

I gave it 4/5 stars only because the formatting didn't quite come out perfect (a few squares with question marks in it appeared). Still, it's easy to read despite the few errors.
So many people are re-discovering books they loved as children, that are now free on the Kindle.  Others are discovering literature they only knew by titles or perhaps from playing the card game "Authors!"  For whatever reason you might pick up "The Secret Garden," I think you will like it; I read it again a few years ago and it did not disappoint.

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  1. I haven't read "The Secret Garden".....but I want to. Does that count? :)

  2. Oh - I loved this book. And I found a fantastic audio version of the Secret Garden for free at Librivox. Some of the Librivox books arent so great, but this one is read by a woman with the most charming voice, perfect for the book.

    I've been reading "The Little Princess" for the first time (how did I miss it?) and I wish I could find a Kindle version. I'm in South Africa, so I have to shop from the US store, and nothing available there, as far as I can see...

  3. David, you can still become the first guy to read this book! No rush . . . : )

    Masha, you can find it right here. It is a great book!

  4. Thanks Marilyn, I'll check that out.


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