Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Iliad by Homer and edited by . .. the envelope please!

The Odyssey is by far the more popular of Homer's epic poems, but I much prefer The Illiad (UK free version.The Illiad is the account of the Trojan War and it is fascinating.  I have listened to it a number of times.  I have actually never read it, but wore out a set of audio tapes.  Poetry is better heard, but listening to something as long as the Illiad is not always practical.

This is the prose translation by "Edward, Earl of Derby.
"Ye sons of Ajax, now is come the time
Your former fame to rival, or surpass:
The man hath fall'n, who first o'erleap'd our wall,
Sarpedon; now remains, that, having slain,
We should his corpse dishonour, and his arms
Strip off; and should some comrade dare attempt
His rescue, him too with our spears subdue."
Unfortunately, the free version is not formatted as shown above.  It is concatenated like a run-on paragraph, which makes it more difficult to read.  It also does not have a linked index - contrary to what it says in the description.  I cannot download and see the UK version, but am confident it is the same. (Both versions have the same incorrect cover from a different translation.)

Based on the reader reviews, I am going to suggest the $1.00 version of The Iliad and The Odyssey (UK version) translated by Samuel Butler (to distinguish it from the .99 version which gets poor reviews.)

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