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Way Down East - by Joseph Rhode Grismer

Way Down East: A Romance of New England Life by Joseph Rhode Grismer 
 (US Edition) (UK Edition)

This book may be the first movie tie-in. Originally published as a novel in 1900, this 1920 edition is based on a later play and the blockbuster D.W. Griffith movie starring Lillian Gish.  (There are links to illustrations, but they are missing.  However, you can find and watch the film online.)  It is considered to be Ms. Gish's finest film and she was one of the greatest screen actresses of the silent era.

So what about this book?  It starts out as a promising enough romance:
It was at Mrs. Tremont's that she had met Lennox Sanderson, and from the first, both seemed to be under the influence of some subtle spell that drew them together blindly, and without the consent of their wills. Mrs. Tremont, who viewed the growing attraction of these two young people with well-concealed alarm, watched every opportunity to prevent their enjoying each other's society. It irritated her that one of the wealthiest and most influential men in Harvard should take such a fancy to her penniless young relative, instead of to Grace Tremont, whom she had selected for his wife.
There were few things that Mrs. Tremont enjoyed so much as arranging romances in everyday life.
But the next chapter is titled, "MOCK MARRIAGE."  Oh, trouble . . .
"Anything to please my husband," she answered with a flitting blush. "Your husband? Ah, say it again; it sounds awfully good from you." "So you don't really care for any more coffee, but just want to see my hands among the cups. How appreciative you are!" And there was a mischievous twinkle in her eye as she began with great elaboration the pantomimic representation of pouring a cup of coffee, adding sugar and cream; and concluded by handing the empty cup to Sanderson. "It would be such a pity to waste the coffee, Lennie, when you only wanted to see my hands."
"If I am not going to have the coffee, I insist on both the hands," he said, taking them and kissing them repeatedly.

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