Friday, October 21, 2011

Dracula's Guest -by Bram Stoker

Dracula's Guest by Bram Stoker, short stories from 1914.  (US Edition)  (UK Edition)

This is a collection of short stories published after the author’s death, including a Dracula story, which may or may not have been dropped from the novel, Dracula.

Whereupon he burst out into a long story in German and English, so mixed up that I could not quite understand exactly what he said, but roughly I gathered that long ago, hundreds of years, men had died there and been buried in their graves; and sounds were heard under the clay, and when the graves were opened, men and women were found rosy with life, and their mouths red with blood. And so, in haste to save their lives (aye, and their souls!--and here he crossed himself) those who were left fled away to other places, where the living lived, and the dead were dead and not--not something. He was evidently afraid to speak the last words.

There is an editing feature that makes this book a little difficult to follow.  The titles of the stories are not clearly set apart from the text.  For example, “The Judge’s Story” follows the short story “Dracula’s Guest.”  As you can see below, you have to be paying attention.

of the snow-sleep and the jaws of the wolf.
            The Judge's House
            When the time for his examination drew near Malcolm Malcolmson made up his mind to go somewhere to read by himself. He feared the attractions of the seaside, and also he feared completely rural isolation, for of old he knew it charms, and so he determined to find some unpretentious little town where there would be nothing to distract him.

However, I don’t think that will throw any readers who are aware of it!  Enjoy this treat for upcoming All Hallows Eve.
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