Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fairy Tales from the Arabian Nights - edited by E. Dixon

Free Kindle Classic US & UK
Fairy Tales from the Arabian Nights
- edited by E. Dixon
Fairy Tales from the Arabian Nights edited by E. Dixon is based on the stories you may also know as One Thousand and One Nights.  This is an 1821 translation, abridged and edited “Cambridge, Xmas, 1893.” I find that postscript rather magical! (US Edition CORRECTED)  (UK Edition

Once again an intrepid Amazon reviewer says it best:

"The first part of the book includes eight wonderful stories, with brave kings and fair queens, facing perilous adventures, evil enemies and magical beings. The second part of the book includes the seven stories of the adventurous voyages of Sinbad the Sailor."

Here is an excerpt from the first story, where a king is so blinded by beauty that he does not initially notice his love does not speak . . .
One of them presently made answer, 'Sire, we have neither seen her open her lips, nor heard her speak any more than your majesty has just now; we have rendered her our services; we have combed and dressed her hair, put on her clothes, and waited upon her in her chamber; but she has never opened her lips, so much as to say, That is well, or, I like this. We have often asked, Madam, do you want anything? Is there anything you wish for? Do but ask and command us: but we have never been able to draw a word from her. We cannot tell whether her silence proceeds from pride, sorrow, stupidity, or dumbness; and this is all we can inform your majesty.'
Back to our reviewer above:

"The stories are excellently written, with beautiful descriptions of exotic and magical lands and gripping plots. What I loved most about this book, is the fact that the transitions from each story to the next, are so captivating that they make reading this book addictive, which of course makes sense, as it is the Arabian Nights."

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