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Sons and Lovers - by D.H. Lawrence

Free US/UK Kindle Classic
Sons and Lovers
by D.H. Lawrence
Sons and Lovers is a 1913 novel by D.H. Lawrence.  It is among the top ten novels of the 20th century,according to Modern Library – whose compact editions were so prized before the advent of the Kindle! 
(US Edition)  (UK Edition

And those Modern Library edtions will be among the few volumes I keep in the event of a power outage.  My collection of DTB's (Dead Tree Books), keeps shrinking as I realize I just want to read books on the Kindle.  This is due to my eyesight problems.  I love the uniform background and the easy to read e-ink with scalable type at the push of a button.  I just don't want to read any other format.

The official Amazon review said . . .Never was a son more indentured to his mother's love and full of hatred for his father than Paul Morel, D.H. Lawrence's young protagonist. Never, that is, except perhaps Lawrence himself.” 

So, this is an autobiographical novel.  More to the point, an Amazon reader review states: “There is a quality to this work that you do not find in contemporary novels. The characters are developed to an incredible depth and with great skill and precision. You find after reading this book that you feel you know some of the characters better than your neighbors.”

Now that sounds like a good book!  Let’s take a look.  The bride, Gertrude Morel finds her new husband is a cheat, but not perhaps the sort you think:
"And how much has he sunk in his houses?" she asked.

 "His houses--which houses?" 

Gertrude Morel went white to the lips. He had told her the house he lived in, and the next one, was his own. 

"I thought the house we live in--" she began. 

"They're my houses, those two," said the mother-in-law. "And not clear either. It's as much as I can do to keep the mortgage interest paid." 
Gertrude sat white and silent.

Quite a blow to discover that you are a renter, not the owner – but nothing compared to discovering you were lied to.  And of course there is never just one lie:
He began to be rather late in coming home [from the mine].
"They're working very late now, aren't they?" she said to her washer-woman.
"No later than they allers do, I don't think. But they stop to have their pint at Ellen's, an' they get talkin', an' there you are! Dinner stone cold--an' it serves 'em right."
"But Mr. Morel does not take any drink."
The woman dropped the clothes, looked at Mrs. Morel, then went on with her work, saying nothing.
It is bad when you can’t tell your husband is drinking . . .but rather common I think, at least years ago.  (I speak from personal family history.)

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