Friday, August 10, 2012

Right Ho, Jeeves by P.G. Wodehouse

US/UK Kindle Classic
I am reaching back to one of my earlier blogs, because this is one of my favorite books.

Of the many hysterical Jeeves & Wooster books by English writer P.G. Wodehouse, "Right Ho, Jeeves" is considered the most hilarious and falling down funny . . . by me . . . and others. (US Edition)  (£4.55 UK Edition)   I wish the UK version were free, but you will never spend a better pence.

Americans who are not familiar with "Jeeves and Wooster," will still recognize that Jeeves is the name of a butler.

Here is a bit of Jeeves and Wooster patter from this novel, but it could have come from any of them.  It is a typical exchange that fans  have come to expect. Wait for it . . .
"Yes, Jeeves?" I said. "Something on your mind, Jeeves?"

"I fear that you inadvertently left Cannes in the possession of a coat belonging to some other gentleman, sir."

I switched on the steely a bit more.

"No, Jeeves," I said, in a level tone, "the object under advisement is mine. I bought it out there."

"You wore it, sir?"

"Every night."

"But surely you are not proposing to wear it in England, sir?"
If this humour is not to your taste, you will still find this book very informative on newts. 

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