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Initials Only - by Anna Katharine Green

Free US/UK Kindle Classic

Initials Only by American writer Anna Katharine Green is an early detective novel from 1911.  (US Edition)  (UK Edition) It is one of those books where I don't have to write a thing, but just quote from the wonderful Amazon Reader reviews:

" I'm so happy to see some of the great works of Anna Katherine Green; she has become one of my favorite writers, after I ran out of Christie's books to read. I found out that Agatha Christie, got into writing after reading Greens' books, . . . [Green] was one of the first writers of detective fiction in America and distinguished herself by writing legally accurate stories, something like Law and Order in the way that the stories are accurate and sometimes based on actual cases. Her many fans besides me, include such literary luminaries as Arthur Conan Doyle, Wilkie Collins, Mary Roberts Rinehart, and Agatha Christie. In fact, not just Christie, but Rinehart wrote that it was the novels of Anna Katharine Green which first inspired her to become writers of mystery fiction to.

I am half way through Initials Only, and its great - some of the passages of detective work are just flawless and first rate - better than anything written these days, (well, as good as the best)'s locked me in and I loved it. Green really lays out the clues, and I am already looking forward to reading it a second time actually just to see the expertise in her work. Truly a great book. Enjoy!"
" I've just recently discovered Anna Katharine Green. I've enjoyed the three novels I've read but this one is my favorite. Written like classic literature, the plot is developed slowly, with interesting detail."
Those were stateside raves, but she has fans in the UK as well . . .
" Anna Katharine Green was unknown too me until I came across her via Kindle, and what a delight she has proved. "
One reader comments that a letter is missing from her Kindle edition.  I checked and that is corrected in the US edition and I assume in the UK edition which I am prohibited from downloading. 

Well guess I will disclose a little of the book for you.

"A remarkable man!"
It was not my husband speaking, but some passerby. However, I looked up at George with a smile, and found him looking down at me with much the same humour. We had often spoken of the odd phrases one hears in the street, and how interesting it would be sometimes to hear a little more of the conversation.
"That's a case in point," he laughed, as he guided me through the crowd of theatre-goers which invariably block this part of Broadway at the hour of eight. "We shall never know whose eulogy we have just heard.

OK!  You hooked me on page 1!

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