Thursday, May 23, 2013

North and South- by Elizaeth Cleghorn Gaskell

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"North and South" is an 1855 novel by English author Elizaeth Cleghorn Gaskell (US Edition)  (UK Edition) .  In case any of my American readers think this is about the Civil War; please note the pre-Civil War date.  This popular book is actually about Northern and Southern England.

Then Edith came back, glowing with pleasure, half-shyly, half-proudly leading in her tall handsome Captain. His brother shook hands with him, and Mrs. Shaw welcomed him in her gentle kindly way, which had always something plaintive in it, arising from the long habit of considering herself a victim to an uncongenial marriage. Now that, the General being gone, she had every good of life, with as few drawbacks as possible, she had been rather perplexed to find an anxiety, if not a sorrow. She had, however, of late settled upon her own health as a source of apprehension; she had a nervous little cough whenever she thought about it; and some complaisant doctor ordered her just what she desired,— a winter in Italy.

How nice!  Quite Austen like . . . not comparing novels, but we are familiar with this lady's nerves.

So not surprised to read this Amazon reader review:

" This has been a favourite book of mine since I first read it nearly 20 years ago. It has parallels with Pride and Predjudice and many of Dickens' novels. The main theme is a passionate love story involving two very strong people from different worlds. It is set against a backdrop of the Industrial Revolution. Margaret Hale has led a very quiet and sheltered life in the rural south of England when circumstances force her to move to a rather grim northern city. The story of how she gets to know some of the people, in particular John Thornton one of the mill owners, and begins to understand their way of life is a compelling one."

Now to a bit of the personal  . .

I am behind on my blog and will catch up soon. (I am 7 behind)  It was quite nice that someone tweeted me about this.  I have been blogging for a couple of years and have had no feedback in over a year, so it became sort of like writing in a vacuum, which I do not like. It is nice to be missed!

I had a number of jobs going at once that are now ended and there have been a series of storms and calamities in the States.  These did not personally affect me, but I always "deploy" online to help people set up FaceBook pages to reunite with their lost animals.  For example, this week I am working on a FaceBook page set up to help after the Moore, Oklahoma tornado.  Full time I work on a page called Lost Dogs of Texas which is just about the very personal disaster that occurs if you lose your dog.  It is part of a growing network Lost Dogs of America.

Back soon with a special new classic!

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