Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Emily Dickinson, Three Series, Complete

We see them whenever our Kindle goes to sleep:
Harriet Beecher Stowe
Emily Dickinson
Samuel Clemens
John Steinbeck
Sir Thomas More
Charlotte Brontë
Agatha Christie
Alexandre Dumas
Virginian Woolf
Jules Verne
Jane Austen
Ralph Ellison

It would be fitting if they all had free Kindle books, but they do not.  However many do, and they will be featured in my blog from time to time.  And here is Emily Dickinson from Emily Dickinson, Three Series, Complete. (UK & DE readers, your link is at the end.)

            A precious -- mouldering pleasure -- 'tis --
            To meet an Antique Book --
            In just the Dress his Century wore --
            A privilege -- I think --

            His venerable Hand to take --
            And warming in our own --
            A passage back -- or two -- to make --
            To Times when he -- was young --

            His quaint opinions -- to inspect --
            His thought to ascertain
            On Themes concern our mutual mind --
            The Literature of Man --

            What interested Scholars -- most --
            What Competitions ran --
            When Plato -- was a Certainty --
            And Sophocles -- a Man --

            When Sappho -- was a living Girl --
            And Beatrice wore
            The Gown that Dante -- deified --
            Facts Centuries before

            He traverses -- familiar --
            As One should come to Town --
            And tell you all your Dreams -- were true --
            He lived -- where Dreams were born --

            His presence is Enchantment --
            You beg him not to go --
            Old Volume shake their Vellum Heads
            And tantalize -- just so --

I know my readers will appreciate my choice of poem! Here is where this blog is needed. The above is from
Emily Dickinson, Three Series, Complete which is free.  Also free is Poems by Emily Dickinson, Third Series, but it is a third of the size and the poetry is not formatted.  Free and not worth it!

£0.69 UK edition:  Poems: Three Complete Series is not the same as the US edition, but the poems in the index are linked and this is a Mobi edition and they are all very good.   (EUR 0,99 DE edition is also published by Mobi)

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