Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Glory of the Trenches - by Coningsby Dawson

I have read a number of memoirs of the first world war and visited the battlefields.  If you share this interest, you will be interested in the oddly titled The Glory of the Trenches. (Only available for the US Kindle.)

Here is a sample:
    'The adjutant glanced coldly at the prisoner. "What have you to say
    for yourself?"

    The man was ghastly white and shaking like an aspen. "Sir, I'm not the
    man I was since I saw my best friend, Jimmie, with his head blown off
    and lying in his hands. It's kind of got me. I can't face up to it."

    The adjutant was silent for a few seconds; then he said, "You know you
    have a double choice. You can either be shot up there, doing your
    duty, or behind the lines as a coward. It's for you to choose. I don't

I have not read this memoir, but it does not look bad and that passage is harrowing.  Most of the memoirs that have not come to historian's attention by now are flawed in some way.  I have seen a number that are not readable.  Usually because they are too sentimental or are in some way not appealing to our sensibilities.  This memoir is not in that category.  It may be an undiscovered treasure.  Read it and find out!

How sad that it was not the War to End All Wars. . . .

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