Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Doctor's Wife - by Mary Elizabeth Braddon

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The Doctor's Wife is an 1864 novel by the once popular (isn't that sad?) Mary Elizabeth Braddon.
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He was very good; and, above all, he was very good-looking. No one had ever disputed this fact: George Gilbert was eminently good-looking. No one had ever gone so far as to call him handsome; no one had ever presumed to designate him plain. He had those homely, healthy good looks which the novelist or poet in search of a hero would recoil from with actual horror, and which the practical mind involuntarily associates with tenant-farming in a small way, or the sale of butcher's meat.
And a little further on there is an attempt to pair him with a wealthy young woman . . .
But George was by no means a coxcomb, and didn't particularly admire Miss Burdock, whose eyelashes were a good deal paler than her hair, and whose eyebrows were only visible in a strong light. The surgeon was young, and the world was all before him . . .
Let's see where he takes us!  I do not think his wife will be a conventional young woman.

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  1. I'm wondering if it would be possible for you to mention weather the author is British, American, or another nationality in your blog? It would help me put it in the right collection on my Kindle.

  2. That is funny! I was think about exactly that the day after I wrote this blog! I was sharing it on FaceBook and I thought I would say something about what people were reading during the U.S. Civil War and then I thought, no this is a British author and that should be in the blog.

    Thank you! I will do that in future. M.E. (she is another one who used initials) is British and wrote MANY novels. I will feature her again I am sure.


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