Thursday, May 31, 2012

"The Science of Getting Rich" - by Wallace Wattles

US/UK Kindle Classic
This book is a departure for this blog, but it is an example from a very popular genre.  And if I had read this and applied it earlier in life, maybe I would not be trying to make money from blogging!  (Although I am following the "do what you love and the money will follow" precept.)

The Science of Getting Rich  is an early example (1910 ) of the self-help yourself to riches genre.  (US Edition)  (£0.77 UK Edition)  This book on positive thinking by Wallace Wattles has never been out of print.  Recent studies show that a positive attitude does help you live longer, so maybe there is more to this philosophy than building a bank account.

The man who owns all he wants for the living of all the life he is capable of living is rich; and no man who has not plenty of money can have all he wants. Life has advanced so far, and become so complex, that even the most ordinary man or woman requires a great amount of wealth in order to live in a manner that even approaches completeness.
OK, I am convinced!  I want to be rich.  How do I get rich?

I have said that men get rich by doing things in a Certain Way; and in order to do so, men must become able to think in a certain way. 

A man’s way of doing things is the direct result of the way he thinks about things. 

To do things in a way you want to do them, you will have to acquire the ability to think the way you want to think; this is the first step toward getting rich.

Now you may not think this is the sort of reading you do, but these books are very popular; perhaps now more than ever.  One sure way to get rich is not pay full price for something that is just repackaged and available elsewhere at a discount!  Get the original here for a fraction of the price.


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