Thursday, June 21, 2012

Can You Forgive Her - by Anthony Trollope

 US/UK Kindle Classic
"Can You Forgive Her" is an 1864 novel by British writer Anthony Trollope.  This is the first novel in the Palliser Series,  known as Trollope's "political series."  Trollope was and is a popular novelist.  He is by no means forgotten.  Typically there are 4 or 5 volumes in a series and they are all self-contained.  This is, of course, the first in the series.  (US Edition)  (£1.29 UK Edition)

Searching AmazonUS for a free version of this book took three tries before the free version was listed.  I don't know why that would be, but doing this blog has taught me that the free version rarely pops up first if someone has loaded a version for sale.

I really like Trollope.  The individual novels are not long, but the series is a satisfying length.  Many of his works have been adapted for movies or television.  The Pallisers had a particularly successful television adaption by British author, Simon Raven.

Let's take a look. 
I cannot say that the house in Queen Anne Street was a pleasant house. I am now speaking of the material house, made up of the walls and furniture, and not of any pleasantness or unpleasantness supplied by the inmates. It was a small house on the south side of the street, squeezed in between two large mansions which seemed to crush it, and by which its fair proportion of doorstep and area was in truth curtailed. The stairs were narrow; the dining-room was dark, and possessed none of those appearances of plenteous hospitality which a dining-room should have. But all this would have been as nothing if the drawing-room had been pretty as it is the bounden duty of all drawing-rooms to be. But Alice Vavasor's drawing-room was not pretty.
So you see the novel is concerned with the mundane as well as Parliament.  Of course that is not the only House in this novel.  
Trollope writes about people and if you understand people, your work is never out of date.

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