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Unknown to History: a story of the captivity of Mary of Scotland -by Charlotte Mary Yonge

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Unknown to History: a story of the captivity of Mary of Scotland is an unwieldy title for a novel.  Yes, this is historical fiction not history and we have it straight from the author:
" . . . it must be remembered that the art of the story-teller makes it needful to curtail some of the incidents which would render the narrative too complicated to be interesting to those who wish more for a view of noted characters in remarkable situations, than for a minute and accurate sifting of facts and evidence."
The author, Charlotte Mary Yonge, was a very popular English novelist and the book dates from 1882.(US Edition)  (UK Edition
So, how well does she succeed?  The novel begins with a baby saved from a shipwreck!  Always a good start . . . a mysterious infant.
"The token was a small gold cross, of peculiar workmanship, with a crystal in the middle, through which might be seen some mysterious object neither husband nor wife could make out, but which they agreed must be carefully preserved for the identification of their little waif. Mrs. Talbot also produced a strip of writing which she had found sewn to the inmost band wrapped round the little body, but it had no superscription, and she believed it to be either French, Latin, or High Dutch, for she could make nothing of it. Indeed, the good lady's education had only included reading, writing, needlework and cookery, and she knew no language but her own."
And then there is the drama surrounding Mary Queen of Scots and her followers:
In fact, Richard suspected him of being somewhat flattered by being the cause of such a commotion, and actually accused of so grand and manly a crime as high treason. The Earl could extract no word, and finally sentenced him to remain at Bridgefield, shut up in his own chamber till he could be dealt with. The lad walked away in a dignified manner, and the Earl, holding up his hands, half amused, half vexed, said, "So the spell is on that poor lad likewise. What shall I do with him? An orphan boy too, and mine old friend's son."
Hers is a sad story that has never failed to interest over the centuries.

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