Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Les Misérables - by Victor Hugo.

Free US/UK Kindle Classic

Les Misérables is an 1862 novel by French writer Victor Hugo. 
What an understatement that is! If you want to insult someone French, ask if she has read Les Misérables.  I made that mistake once and was rewarded with a very Gallic look of contempt. 
For those of you who know a book is always better than the movie . .  . this novel is finally available free for Kindle.  

I am sure my UK readers have noticed that in the last six months many of my classic selections have been free for the UK Kindle.  The free version is not always easy to find, but I do several searches and in this case, I found Les Misérables for free on Amazon UK after my first two searches only turned up versions for sale.  The US version was not free a year ago - but it is now. What a welcome trend this is for UK & US readers!  (US Edition)  (UK Edition

As you may be aware, this novel is not about the French revolution, but rather about an 1832 action in the streets of Paris that was a run up to the 1789 revolution which replaced the monarchy.
Early in the month of October, 1815, about an hour before sunset, a man who was travelling on foot entered the little town of D——The few inhabitants who were at their windows or on their thresholds at the moment stared at this traveller with a sort of uneasiness. It was difficult to encounter a wayfarer of more wretched appearance. He was a man of medium stature, thickset and robust, in the prime of life. He might have been forty-six or forty-eight years old. A cap with a drooping leather visor partly concealed his face, burned and tanned by sun and wind, and dripping with perspiration. His shirt of coarse yellow linen, fastened at the neck by a small silver anchor, permitted a view of his hairy breast: he had a cravat twisted into a string; trousers of blue drilling, worn and threadbare, white on one knee and torn on the other; an old gray, tattered blouse, patched on one of the elbows with a bit of green cloth sewed on with twine; a tightly packed soldier knapsack, well buckled and perfectly new, on his back; an enormous, knotty stick in his hand; iron-shod shoes on his stockingless feet; a shaved head and a long beard.
This well-described stranger enters an inn:
The host, hearing the door open and seeing a newcomer enter, said, without raising his eyes from his stoves:— "What do you wish, sir?"
 "Food and lodging," said the man.
"Nothing easier," replied the host. At that moment he turned his head, took in the traveller's appearance with a single glance, and added, "By paying for it."
The man drew a large leather purse from the pocket of his blouse, and answered, "I have money."
"In that case, we are at your service," said the host.
Great novels are deserving of their reputation and our attention.  Not all of the classics I write about are great, but this one is.
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