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Wind in the Willows - by English author Kenneth Graeme

Free US/UK Kindle Classic

Wind in the Willows was written by English author Kenneth Graeme in 1909. (US Edition)  (UK Edition)  Mole and Rat and Toad and Badger are so real to me, that I think Graeme must have just recorded what he overheard along the riverbank.

There are some Amazon reader reviews that criticize the formatting, but that problem has been fixed.  There are no illustrations.  But, this book was originally published without illustrations!  That is surprising if you can't think of the book without the pictures from the childhood edition you loved, but the words do stand on their own . . .

"The Toad never answered a word, or budged from his seat in the road; so they went to see what was the matter with him. They found him in a sort of a trance, a happy smile on his face, his eyes still fixed on the dusty wake of their destroyer. At intervals he was still heard to murmur 'Poop-poop!'
The Rat shook him by the shoulder. 'Are you coming to help us, Toad?' he demanded sternly.
'Glorious, stirring sight!' murmured Toad, never offering to move. 'The poetry of motion! The REAL way to travel! The ONLY way to travel! Here to-day— in next week to-morrow! Villages skipped, towns and cities jumped— always somebody else's horizon! O bliss! O poop-poop! O my! O my!' 'O STOP being an ass, Toad!' cried the Mole despairingly."
Yes of course I had to mention the motorcar. But this book is more than a cautionary tale on how not to drive.  It is primarily about friendship.

"The Rat hummed a tune, and the Mole recollected that animal-etiquette forbade any sort of comment on the sudden disappearance of one's friends at any moment, for any reason or no reason whatever."
So whether it has been too long or if you read it every year or even if you inexplicably have this on your bucket list, now is a great time to download and read this great, free, timeless Kindle Classic.

"After all, the best part of a holiday is perhaps not so much to be resting yourself, as to see all the other fellows busy working."
Download this copy and no matter the weather, you will never be far from a fair day on the riverbank.

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