Friday, January 25, 2013

Diana of the Crossways-by George Meredith

Free US/UK Kindle Classic

Diana of the Crossways is an 1885 novel by British writer George Meredith.  It is about politics and marriage.  I find the prose style a little dense and there are no reviews on either Amazon US or Amazon UK; but this book is on a list of free Kindle books worth reading and that piqued my attention. (US Edition)  (UK Edition)  It wasn't a long list and didn't comment on the book, but I thought the book must have somehow been handed down from reader to reader over the generations until the only thing left was the sense that it was "worth reading."

A woman, Sir Lukin held, was by nature a mute in politics. Of the thing called a Radical woman, he could not believe that she was less than monstrous: 'with a nose,' he said; and doubtless, horse teeth, hatchet jaws, slatternly in the gown, slipshod, awful. As for a girl, an unmarried, handsome girl, admittedly beautiful, her interjections, echoing a man, were ridiculous, and not a little annoying now and them, for she could be piercingly sarcastic. Her vocabulary in irony was a quiverful. He admired her and liked her immensely; complaining only of her turn for unfeminine topics.
There is a typo in the paragraph above, but the conversion is good. That typo may have been in the original . . . 

Give it a try, the British authors are masters at writing about politics and relationships.  American writers tend to write about such topics separately.

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