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The Yellow Wallpaper - by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

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The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman is famous as one of the first works of feminist fiction.  It is an 1892 novella length work that enjoyed a renaissance in the 70's when many women writers were rediscovered.  Of course as an early movement member, she had not been forgotten; but her short story was not commonly anthologized. (US Edition)  (UK Edition) 

With on the one hand, women's roles in the US military being redefined and on the other hand, horrible crimes against women in India being in the news, maybe it is time once again to see what women's lot was in 1892.
It is so discouraging not to have any advice and companionship about my work. When I get really well, John says we will ask Cousin Henry and Julia down for a long visit; but he says he would as soon put fireworks in my pillow-case as to let me have those stimulating people about now.
I wish I could get well faster.
I cry at nothing, and cry most of the time. Of course I don't when John is here, or anybody else, but when I am alone.
This book is also a psychological thriller crossed with early gothic literature, so it is a thought provoking read.  Give it a try as an end to easy summer fiction.
Just an update on my 97 year old mother's introduction to the Kindle.  After she enjoyed reading a book on a borrowed Kindle, I bought her a Kindle 3G(keyboard model) with a cover that has a light.  Although an older model, I prefer being able to page with buttons and I felt that would be easier for her than a touch screen as she has never used a touch screen. She retired before computers.  For Mom, the next big thing was the electric typewriter.

She has had no problems with the Kindle and is reading Robert Caro's first book on Johnson.  This book would be too heavy for her to read a printed copy.  She moved to the Kindle because her eyesight is poor and printed books were just too difficult to read.  Now she can scale the type, has a restful background, standard typeface and a book that is not heavy.  I found the Kindle a real boon following my cataract surgery when my eyesight changed every day for awhile.

It is a real shame that older readers don't consider the Kindle because they see it as giving up books.  In fact the Kindle is ideally suited for the older reader.

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