Thursday, March 14, 2013

When a Man Marries - by Mary Roberts Rinehart

(US Edition)  (UK Edition)

When a Man Marries is a 1910 novel by American author Mary Roberts Rinehart. (US Edition)  (UK Edition

Here is a very promising Amazon Reader Review:

"Very much in the style of Wodehouse. A delightful comedy about a bunch of silly rich people who get stuck quarantined in a house with no servants for a week. . . . A quick read and lots of fun."

And here is a very promising beginning!

When the dreadful thing occurred that night, every one turned on me. The injustice of it hurt me most. They said I got up the dinner, that I asked them to give up other engagements and come, that I promised all kinds of jollification, if they would come; and then when they did come and got in the papers and every one—but ourselves—laughed himself black in the face, they turned on ME! I, who suffered ten times to their one! I shall never forget what Dallas Brown said to me, standing with a coal shovel in one hand and a—well, perhaps it would be better to tell it all in the order it happened. 

It began with Jimmy Wilson and a conspiracy, was helped on by a foot-square piece of yellow paper and a Japanese butler, and it enmeshed and mixed up generally ten respectable members of society and a policeman. Incidentally, it involved a pearl collar and a box of soap, which sounds incongruous, doesn't it?
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  1. I like the sound of that book, although it seems to me more like Jerome K Jerome than Wodehouse.

    Loved the video of your mother; what a wonderful woman!

  2. I suppose they meant Wodehouse in that it was a comedy and house party. This would be a fun one to research!


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