Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Red Rat's Daughter - by Guy Newell Boothby

Free US/UK Kindle Classic
The Red Rat's Daughter  What an appealing title!  This is an 1899 novel by a very prolific Australian writer, Guy Newell Boothby. (US Edition)  (UK Edition)  He is pretty thoroughly forgotten as happens to many of our out of copyright authors.  Thanks to the Kindle, it is now easier to reevaluate these forgotten writers.

What a curious title this novel has!

Everything went merrily as a marriage bell. After those who had brought their cameras had snap-shotted the church, and made the usual mistake with regard to the angles, the party climbed the hill in the direction of the waterfall. It was only when they reached it that those in front noticed that Miss Verney had joined the trio next before her, and that Browne had disappeared. He had gone back to the boat, the lady explained, in order to give some instructions that had been forgotten. From her silence, however, and from the expression of annoyance upon her beautiful lace, the others immediately jumped to the conclusion that something more serious must have happened than her words implied.
That doesn't clear up who the "Red Rat" is . . .

The one Amazon Reader Review is very enthusiastic:
"I highly enjoyed it and recommend it to all. It could be considered a love story. Yet it does contain several mysteries plus a few dashes of adventure. Of course, there are touches of very dry English humor here and there. The book was published in 1899. But, with just slight modification, it could be a modern novel. . . . Guy Boothby is, in my estimation, an excellent author and I find I am unable to write a review that would do justice to his talents, Plus I do not wish to divulge any of the intriguing twists of this tale . . .  the story just got better and better. I will be checking out other novels by this author."
This sounds like an excellent summer novel.  Mystery, love, and a . . . red rat.

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