Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Bride from the Bush -by E. W. Hornug

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It is always with trepidation that I download a book I have never heard of, by an unknown author.  Many of these books never make it to my blog.  Too boring!  Too racist!  Too dated!  Yes, many classic books are dated.  I try to offer the sort of timeless books that entertain us today as well as books where you can immerse yourself in the past.  

So when I run across A Bride from the Bush by E. W. Hornug - with no reviews - I wonder what I have found. (US Edition)  (UK Edition)    Well to start with, E. W. Hornug was the celebrated English author who wrote the Raffles series about an urbane thief.  So if he is unknown, that is my ignorance.  However, it is safe to say that this 1890 comic romance is forgotten.

This is the story of a son unexpectedly marrying a bride in Australia and bringing her home to the family home on the Thames.  (I don't think of stately homes on the Thames.)
[From a letter announcing the nuptials] ‘“Of my Bride I will say very little; for you will see her in a week at most. As for myself, I can only tell you, dear Mother, that I am the very luckiest and happiest man on earth!”’ (‘A brave statement,’ Granville murmured in parenthesis; ‘but they all make it.’) ‘“She is typically Australian, having indeed been born and bred in the Bush, and is the first to admit it, being properly proud of her native land; but, if you knew the Australians as I do, this would not frighten you. Far from it, for the typical Australian is one of the very highest if not the highest development of our species.”’
Sounds like fun!  Meet the bride meet the gentry!

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  1. I started this a while back and then got sidetracked. Now I think I'll get back to it. The family is a bit horrified at the bride--she's not exactly a genteel English girl.


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