Friday, July 27, 2012

The English Orphans -by Mary Jane Holmes

Free US/UK Kindle Classic
The English Orphans: Or a Home in the New World is an 1855 novel by American author Mary Jane Holmes.  (US Edition)  (UK Edition)  

Here our heroine encounters a little boy:             
At the sound of his voice the little girl started, and without turning her head, replied, "Nobody wants to see me, I am so ugly and disagreeable."
"Ugly are you?" repeated the boy, and at the same time lifting her up and forcibly holding her hands, he succeeded in looking her fully in the face, "Well, you are not very handsome, that's a fact," said he, after satisfying his curiosity, "but I wouldn't be sullen about it.
Ugly people are always smart, and perhaps you are.
That is a promising beginning to a book about orphans!

Per an article in Legacy: A Journal of American Women Writers:  "Long excluded from literary histories of the nineteenth century written by men, the author was reappraised by scholars in the late 20th and early 21st century, who recognized her achievements and the value of her work."

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