Thursday, July 19, 2012

It Happened in Egypt - by Charles Norris Williamson

Free US/UK Kindle Classic
Egypt has been much in the headlines over the past year.  Here is a mystery/travelogue that predates the High Dam (Aswan Dam) and describes a river journey.  It Happened in Egypt was written in 1914 by British writers Charles Norris Williamson and Alice Muriel Williamson. (US Edition)  (UK Edition)  
". . . .I want to talk to you." 
"Then don't do it in a loud voice, if you please, because, as you must have realized, if you've taken time to think, I'm Mrs. Jones at present."

"Why Jones?" "Because Smith is engaged beforehand by too many people. Honestly, without joking, I'm in danger here and everywhere, and it's a wicked, selfish thing for me to come the way I have; but Rosamond Gilder is the hardest girl to resist you ever saw, so I'm with her; and it's a long history."

 "Rosamond Gilder? What—the Cannon Princess, the Bertha Krupp of America?"
In addition to mystery and romance, you will get a layman's education in Egyptology!  (With some philosophy on the side.)
"If Amon-Rã were angry he could become Menthu, the war god. If he were inclined to be gentle, he could shrink to the dimensions of Horus, child-god of the Rising Sun. If he were weary, he could rest as the old god Tum, of the Setting Sun. Probably gods and goddesses never enjoyed themselves so much as in Ancient Egypt; and though it does seem a drawback from our artistic point of view for Hathor to have the head or ears of a cow, for wise Thoth to have the long beak of an ibis, and so on, it was for them only an amusing kind of masquerade or 'tête' party, on the walls of the temples and tombs. At home, they could be what they liked. Think how interesting for the Egyptians to have all these queer gods, and what variety it gave to their lives.

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  1. I love the Williamson's books. They are always delightful-to-read, fun adventures with happy endings, of course.


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